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Top Ten Trends Driving Growth at Retail

Everything is changing in retail;
be ahead of the trends and learn how to capitalize on them.


ChaseDesign has developed a list of the current, top ten trends we see occurring in retail today according to our recent shopper survey (click to read more). Presented at the spring Category Management Association (CMA) webinar, check out our bite-sized videos explaining each trend.

Trend #1 – Shoppers are Returning to Stores

Trend #2 – Shopper Expectations have Changed

Trend #3 – Personalization at the Store Level 

Trend #4 – Checkout is Moving to Frictionless

Trend #5 – Online Grocery Shopping is Evolving

Trend #6 – BOPIS is Becoming the Preferred

Trend #7 – Retailers are Joining Forces

Trend #8 (pt 1) – Healthcare is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Trend #8 (pt 2) – Healthcare is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Trend #10 – The Metaverse is Real

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