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The Front: On the Move – October 2021

It is with fond memories that we share our last Front panel at the Genesee Street office. In 2022, we will be moving our offices to Syracuse, NY. Our Master of Design and Front Panel expert, Chris Andrews, created this final, heartfelt piece. Here is what Chris has to say about his work:

I am honored to have been selected to create the last Front Panel design for the Genesee Studio. I remember when I first interviewed in 1985, I entered the building where the front panel is located now. I got to see a design up close, and it was extended out through the top of the building too! I thought I have to work at this place! Over the years I have enjoyed creating designs and working with others to keep this creative program going. It brings back a lot of great memories of the people and creative happenings that went on inside those walls. It has been a part of the Chase experience for over 40 years!

This concept represents our transition from Skaneateles, to our new Syracuse location. The image shows a memory of Skaneateles in our rearview mirror, with the text, that states “memories in mirror are closer than they appear”- which communicates that fond memories of our time in Skaneateles are always close in our hearts and minds. In the end, we are not saying goodbye, we are simply moving – and not too far away!

This was a special collaboration between a larger team, and I want to give thanks to all involved – Melissa Chapman, Amanda Ernst, Joe Lampertius, Scott Osiecki, Jamie Price, Eric Smith, and Laura Woodruff.

History of  The Front

Our founder Dave Chase started an initiative called the “front entrance panel” 38 years ago as an opportunity for us to communicate the creativity and talent of our firm to the Skaneateles community.

We’ve kept that project going to this day, combining the minds and labor of several ChaseDesign and 10 Red Design employees to form the collective we now know as The Front.

We create images that can be viewed hanging in the Seneca Studio, as you drive by the Genesee Studio, and coming soon to the Cincinnati Studio. The images have become a landmark in the community; an expression of the firm’s unique personality and skill set.

What’s next for The Front? 

Although we are moving, we will still continue creating unique pieces but in a different medium. Stay tuned for more!