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8 Ways Team Members Gave Back in 2019

Community giving is always a major focus for our team members, but our CultureClub made philanthropy a top priority for both ChaseDesign and 10 Red Design this year. We joined forces to help our local community through everything from fundraising to lending our time to donating 17,687 lbs. of supplies to those in need. 

1. Keeping CNY Warm 

To help keep our homeless neighbors warm throughout the CNY winter, team members purchased fleece to make ten blankets to donate to DJ’s Gift of Warmth, a charity that’s been collecting and distributing warm blankets for over nine years. 

2. Donating Toiletries to Those in Need 

Since June, we’ve made several toiletry donations to various CNY pantries, shelters, and family centers. We set up donation stations in each building through the Genesee Toiletry & Chase Gives Back program.  

3. Planting & Harvesting Food for the Hungry 

Over the summer, a few of our team members volunteered at Matthew 25 Farm, a non-profit that grows produce to distribute to CNY food pantries. We planted squash seeds in June and harvested tomatoes, watermelon, and peppers in August.  

4. Providing School Supplies to Students 

We provided 20 elementary school students with brand new backpacks stuffed with supplies. Through a partnership with the Moravia district, our Backpack Give Back program ensured local students had the essentials they needed for success. 

5. Raising Money for Local Families 

During the holiday season, we raised money for Helping Hands, a local organization that assists families in need. We raised money by selling baked goods, snacks, and crafts donated by employees. 

6. Giving Two Truckloads of Supplies to the Food Bank of CNY 

Our company donated 17,687 lbs. of supplies to the Food Bank of Central New York. The Food Bank partners with 280 programs throughout 11 counties in CNY, and this immense donation provided tremendous support to those in our area. 

7. Lending a Paw to Pets in Need 

With so many animal lovers here, we wanted to help local shelters, including the CNY SPCAHumaneCNY, and Helping Hounds Dog Rescue. We collected cat and dog food, toys, and other supplies, plus accepted financial donations that Staffworks was kind enough to match. 

8. Gifting Holiday Wishes to Local Children 

Partnering with a local social worker, we gave 47 children in need the holiday gifts they were dreaming of through our giving tree. This included a family of five and kids from the Syracuse City School District.  

Thank you to everyone at ChaseDesign and 10 Red Design for your generosity throughout 2019. We look forward to furthering our philanthropic efforts together in 2020!