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Humble, collaborative, and inventive, our multi-disciplinary team specializes in crafting meaningful experiences of all types for other humans.

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Dedicated to providing associates with the tools and support they need to succeed. Loves being outdoors, live events, and time with family.
Alex Root
Director, Human Resources

Proud Syracuse grad. Question asker & problem solver. Loves dogs, coffee, food, the outdoors, and the occasional glass of red wine (or two).
Ali Costikyan
Sr. Account Manager

Passionate about making design concepts come to life with pencils, pixels, and old-fashioned hard work. Enjoys live music and spending time with her kids.
Allie Poirier
Sr. Design Director

Ever curious and never complacent. Lover of fashion, good food, and exploring new places with her family.
Alynn Underriner
Sr. Account Director

A devoted problem solver and relationship builder, Amanda also enjoys drinking coffee, spending time with family & friends, and cooking up healthy meals.
Amanda Hoyt
Sr. Project Manager

Avid marketer, communicator, and organizer. Enjoys crafting, the great outdoors, yoga, and good food.
Analiese Cohen
Account Director

Always happy to talk business strategy, Survivor strategy, or Ticket to Ride strategy. Lover of music, books, cake baking, and hiking.
Andrea Bomkamp

Provides graphic/structural design for packages on retail shelves all over America. An Eagle Scout, now his son’s Den and Pack Leader. ADK 46er.
Andy Schweitzer
VP, Design

Has the uncanny ability to recognize almost every voice she has heard in 20+ years. Enjoys her family, country music, and camping.
Ann Moore

Driven by bringing ideas to market. Self-proclaimed foodie who loves family time and outdoor activities (if it’s not too cold).
Ariel DuChene
Sr. Strategy Director

Creates work for animations, from the design to the editing and compositing. Enjoys video games as a source of entertainment and inspiration.
Athena Karper
Sr. Designer

Ben sees to digital strategies and media analytics, and lives his work via immersion in video games, television, print, and Syracuse University sports.
Ben Watkins
VP, Strategy

Problem solver, relationship builder, baker with my family, to-do list maker, (both at work and at home), and hater of pickles.
Beth Robinson
Account Director

Creates graphics for retail environments and innovation labs. Writes, plays, and records his own music; paints in oils; and is a worship leader for his church.
Bill Finch
Sr. Design Director

Assures that what has been designed can be built. Loves to play with his kids: golf, soccer, t-ball, skiing.
Bill Murphy
Sr. Director, Architecture

An IT Analyst who loves technology.; also enjoys summer and spending time with family and friends.
Bob Frost
Sr. IT Analyst

Prepares work for print. Loves painting with watercolors, spending time with her family, her garden, her cat, and her camp in the Adirondacks.
Bonny Dudden
Sr. Production Specialist

Combines our insights and design with client objectives. Devoted to family, disruptive DIY projects, and his ‘64 Porsche.
Brad Hall
Managing Partner

Brian has a passion for helping people—fitting that he works in HR! He also enjoys spending time with his three young children, running, taking in sporting events (go Yankees and Bills!), and Saturday morning TV binges.
Brian Lewis
VP, Human Resources

A 3D Environments Designer who loves to draw and jam out on the drums! Always down for a pickup game of basketball.
Brock Luckette
3D Environmental Designer

Forever curious about how technology affects our lives. Passionate about bringing inspired designs to fruition. Always seeking to deconstruct how things work.
Brooke Williams

Cassie is all about on-target installations that exceed expectations. Also, friends, family, dramas on Netflix, Spanish reds, and her dog Scrappy.
Cassie Buehler
Director, Operations

Manages retail projects; designs for print and video. Enjoys the Adirondacks, and has cycled in the Pyrenees, following the route of the Tour de France.
Christopher Andrews
Master of Design

Communicator, moderator, advocate; danced professionally with touring company of "A Chorus Line" and spontaneously in the streets of Havana.
Claire McAuliffe
VP, Strategic Accounts

Accounting is black and white, so it’s great to practice in a world of colorful people. Loves her dog. Knew Dave Chase. For every debit, there is a credit.
Claire Wilkinson
Sr. Accounting Coordinator

Dan fixes everything we break, is putting the finishing touches on a camp in the Adirondacks, and serves as a National Disaster Responder for the Red Cross.
Dan Murphy
Facilities Coordinator

Research and development. Makes and plays guitars; owns a 1963 Sunbeam Alpine and is owned, in turn, by a Great Dane.
Dave Furth
Sr. Mechanical Designer

Designer in the product group. A devoted fisherman & hunter who loves camping and anything else he can do to be outdoors.
Dave Hine
Design Director

Enthusiastic problem solver who always wants to know “why?” Loves to bake and eat baked goods.
Dawn Kerr
Strategy Director

Leads production and manages projects with deep knowledge of the Chase process. Mom to two wonderful kids with the best husband in the world (who also works here).
DeAnna Hine
Director, Production

Passionate strategist and dog mom. Always on the hunt for new insights, new recipes, and new music.
Deirdre Heid
Sr. Strategist

A native of Seoul, birthplace of K-Pop and Gangnam style, Don brings unique perspective and energy to every retail, product, and package design project.
Don Kang
Sr. Design Director

Big-picture leadership driving agency performance and the development of diverse teams that deliver smart solutions for brands and categories.
Donnalyn Smith

Problem solver, relationship builder, and people person. Loves music, outdoor festivals, nature, dogs, and a great glass of red wine.
Elisa Witkowski
Account Director

A designer who is a recent UC DAAP grad and loves all things storytelling. Lives for rolling the windows down and her cat, Shania Twain.
Elora Tonnis

Passionate about research-driven design solutions. A Jersey girl and Cornell grad, enjoys to-do lists, the Yankees, paper stores, porches, and trail running.
Emma Scott
VP, Strategy

3D and 2D animation, motion graphics, and audio design. Loves to play with his kids, fly radio-controlled helicopters, and play golf.
Eric Meier
Design Director

Raises the bar at work, raises goats at home.
Eric Smith
Managing Partner

A recent graduate from Syracuse University's Communications Design program, Erin has a passion for art direction, problem solving, sketching, and "Westworld."
Erin Reeves

Concept development, engineer, project management, construction, and installation. Hunter, fisherman, camper, gardener, and joyful father of two.
Glenn Christoffel
VP, Design Implementation

Studies shoppers’ decision-making processes. Enjoys the lake and being Mom to a boy active in lacrosse, soccer, and painting.
Heather Niland
Strategy Director

I’m passionate about working in retail design. I also love spending time with my family and dogs, we’re usually all watching football or eating!
Heather Steiner
Sr. Graphic Designer

Jade is an RIT grad, kayaker, crafter, reader of the Game of Thrones novels, and a rescuer to Doxy, a foxy kitten found under a trailer.
Jade Cole
Design Director

Prototypes, mockups, and form studies. Works on a pit crew for a Super Modified racing team. Outdoorsman, especially in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
James Francescotti
Sr. Model Maker

Loves to blend creative strategy and design. RIT grad, NASCAR, lacrosse and hockey fan. Collects vintage robots and vinyl. Enjoys adventures with his two young boys.
Jason Capello
Sr. Design Director

3D modeler for virtual reality projects; finds time for house repair, child-chasing, and golf.
Jason Farr
Sr. Designer

Expert in translating shopper-based insights, strategies, and design to activate SBD solutions at retail to drive profitable growth.
Jeff Pirro
Managing Partner

Planner, doer, and maker at work. Mom, runner, and foodie at home. Excited to shape and build the PM team at ChaseDesign.
Jennie Hammer
Sr. Director, Project Management

With a librarian background, Jill is part expert desktop researcher, part digital asset manager. A fan of Rush, she's seen the band live 16 times, including front row.
Jill Wilson

Loves solving problems and being creative, at both work and home. Enjoys travel, good food, new experiences, and family time.
Joe Brooks
Account Director

Joe is a very dynamic and seasoned president, steering us into our third 30-year run with a vivid vision as he leads our amazing and talented design firm!
Joe Lampertius

Majors in IT with a minor in Farm Machinery. Has commuted to work via snowmobile.
Joel Masters
IT Director

Designs packaging, merchandising, and identities. Loves being a dad, car guy, advocate for manual transmissions, and ADK 46er. Knows that Han shot Greedo first.
Jon Cammarata
Design Director

Graphic design for packaging and retail; art director for her church; mother of two young children; enjoys making family memories.
Julie Zajac
Sr. Designer

Designs for retail and research. Enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs, yoga, travel, painting, jewelry making, and riding her Peloton.
Kara Gjersvig
Sr. Design Director

Coordinator of people and projects. Enjoys painting and drinking wine, preferably at the same time.
Kara Russell
Coordinator, Resource Allocation

“I pay the bills.” Thirty years ago, went from high school graduation to ChaseDesign; loves her Pekingese (“T-Bone”); given the nickname "Mad Dog" by Mr. Chase.
Karen Wicks
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Happiest with a coffee in one hand and a sketchbook in the other, Kate believes in playful creativity and exploring new places.
Kate Percevault

Finds (professional) purpose by achieving results from effective strategies. Part-time cannonballer who loves pork roll and chocolate chip pancakes.
Kelly Vann
VP, Strategic Accounts

Kendall is innately curious about human behavior, which is evidenced by her passion for uncovering insights and binge-watching obscure documentaries (with her rescue dog and red wine).
Kendall Baird
Sr. Strategist

Designs for retail spaces, brand identity, presentations, packaging. Enjoys playing with her children, soccer, and boating on Skaneateles Lake.
Kerry Coyne
VP, Master of Design

Passionate about building relationships and meeting goals. Loves family, friends, live music, and great food!
Kristin Hunt
Sr. Project Manager

Shepherds print from design to production, and her daughter from horse show to horse show; enjoys live music, printmaking, and writing.
Kristina Henson
Sr. Production Specialist

Kyle is a CPA in NY and has his Bachelor's in Accounting and MBA from SUNY Oswego. Enjoys time with family and friends, playing basketball, and watching sports.
Kyle Pienkowski

Copywriter and recreational writer of fiction and bad poetry. Advocate of children's literature, Finger Lakes wine, and the Oxford comma.
Laura Ferrel
Sr. Strategy Director

Designs retail spaces. Interned at Hatch Show Print. Enjoys volleyball, drawing, and excels at salsa dancing. Has a deep love for things that crawl, swim, fly.
Laura Woodruff
Design Director

A graduate of RIT, Lauren is passionate for all things art and design. When she’s not working, Lauren enjoys hiking, cooking, and illustration.
Lauren Mays

A dedicated problem solver who loves a good spreadsheet to stay organized at work. Loves food, travel/vacations on the beach with family and friends, and of course anything that involves her dog.
Lauren Rispoli
Sr. Project Manager

An RIT grad, INFP, and passionate designer. Enjoys herbal tea, 80s and 90s music, and having fun with friends and family.
Leah Kotas

Rochester native, SU grad, and visual storyteller; loves cats, cooking, and live music; tagged in crowd at Lollapolooza 2013.
Marlena Leonardi
Sr. Design Director

Concept development for retail environments; brings things to life in 3D; enjoys volleyball, camping, family time, and classic cars, especially his ’68 Camaro.
Matt Farrell
Sr. Design Director

“Jack of all trades" with a degree in Accounting and MBA from LeMoyne College; loves fishing, camping, the beach, and the Yankees.
Matt LaManna
Sr. Accounting Analyst

Makes concepts and images come to life with 3D visualization; also writes and records original music, collects guitars.
Matt Steele
Design Director

Eager problem solver who seeks to find creative solutions through understanding human behavior. Loves March Madness, Skaneateles Lake, and her puppy, Winnie.
Meghan Collins
Project Manager

Coordinates designers, fabricators, retailers, and clients so “everyone is happy” at completion. Enjoys her family, friends, art, fashion, and fantastic food.
Melissa Chapman
Managing Partner

Uses C&C milling machine and “all the tools” to create prototypes. Enjoys golf, singing in the choir, and launching model rockets with his grandchildren.
Mike Bellamy
Sr. Model Maker

Drives growth opportunities via business development and collaboration across IPG agencies. Loves music, kayaking, family, and his dog Wiatt.
Peter Cloutier
Growth & Strategic Partnerships Lead

Air Traffic Controller for people and projects; enjoys hiking and travel; notes that due to Witness Protection constraints, this is not his real picture.
Peter Quintana
Director, Resource Allocation

Came from West Palm to learn to snowboard. Also enjoys surfing the Web with frequent visits to Vimeo and Motionographer.
Randy Johnson
Sr. Designer

A second-generation designer, Riva appreciates the visual but relishes designing the entire experience, perhaps to the tune of AFI or the Ronettes.
Riva Powers
Sr. Design Director

As an architect and illustrator, Rob actively keeps a sketchbook while teaching his kids the value of quality paper.
Rob Petrie
Director, Architecture

“Part stylist, part engineer.” All aspects of product design. Loves his grandchildren, his TR-6, watching his daughter play soccer.
Ron Kingston
Sr. Design Director

Coordinates everything and everyone who travels. Makes the best peanut brittle in the world.
Roxanne Harvard
Administrative Assistant

Sarah crossed the country four times in her career, most recently in from Oregon. When not in the car, she bakes, crafts, and attends to her terrier Sammy.
Sarah Watkins
Sr. Director, Technology Ops

An entrepreneurial spirit at heart, energized by growing enterprises; enjoys competitive rounds of golf and relaxing on the lake with the missus.
Sal D’Amelio
VP, Strategic Accounts

Leads product design strategy and helps clients grow businesses through innovation. At his Adirondack camp, he draws, and sits on the porch.
Scott Osiecki
Managing Partner

Retail installer and product shopper; among his records: a 13-foot receipt at a grocery store. Bowled first 300 game at 16. Youth Leader at his church.
Scott Zajac
Sr. Retail Installation Specialist

Visual storyteller and unabashed data & science nerd. Loves having kids, which gives him the excuse to do things he’d rather do anyway.
Sean McNaughton
Sr. Design Director

“The glue that holds it all together.” Loves to golf and enjoys time with family, especially watching her kids’ sporting events.
Stefanie Stoddard
Director, Admin Services

A seasoned researcher with a passion for uncovering drivers of customer behavior, preferences, and perceptions.
Stephanie Scriven
Research Director

Steve enjoys helping brands find answers, building forts with his kids, playing chef in the kitchen, and being active outside.
Steve Lambrecht
Account Director

Chinese-born, Kiwi-raised creative seeking to invigorate human idiosyncrasies through design. Purveyor of neckties. The “u” is silent.
Steven Ou

Preps files for printer, builds mockups. Father, fan of RIT hockey; racing fan, owns world’s largest collection of Super Dirt Week t-shirts.
Steve Mac
Sr. Production Specialist

Grew up in Texas and took up an interest in rodeo to impress girls by bull & bareback bronc riding. Enjoys fly fishing, hunting, kayaking, and hiking.
Stuart Scarr
Managing Partner

Works as model maker and travels for retail installations. Enjoys hockey, soccer, cycling, the company of his wife and dog.
Tanner Gjersvig
Director, Design Implementation

Consumer goods and retail leader with a passion for brand awareness, consumer behaviors, and strategic planning. Lover of bold pops of color, wine, and rooftop views.
Tara Mosley
Account Director

Ushers print pieces from layout to mechanical. Patriots and Red Sox loyalist. Lives in the country with her daughters and fishes on Otisco Lake.
Trina Willardson
Sr. Production Specialist

Tyler likes people, nature, art, books, empathy, music, travel, and Wes Anderson films, and tries to never suppress a generous impulse.
Tyler Springer
Director, Design Implementation