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New Team Members – April 2020

April 2020 New Hires

In April 2020, we added two new team members in Cincinnati. We commend them for successfully onboarding from home!

Tara Mosley – Account Director – Cincinnati

With 12 years in the consumer-packaged goods industry, Tara most recently comes from the Molson Coors Beverage Company. She’s worked as a Merchandising Manager and Sales Lead at Kroger and has held strategic planning and brand roles at United Pet Group and P&G. She enjoys reading, traveling, volunteering within the city, and Pinterest DIY projects.

Beth Robinson – Account Director – Cincinnati

With over 10 years of account management experience at design/branding agencies, Beth has worked at Gyro, LPK, and Equator. Prior to that, she’s worked as a Graphic Designer, Assistant Art Director, and freelance Web and Graphic Designer. She enjoys the Zen of mowing her lawn and playing board games with her two daughters.