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The Evolution of Online Shopping Continues

Online grocery shopping saw it’s biggest shift during the pandemic, and now it’s shifting again.


Through our recent proprietary study on Online Grocery Shopping Trends (click to read more), ChaseDesign has developed a list of 10 trends that we see happening in the world of online grocery shopping. Presented at the summer Category Management Association (CMA) webinar, we’ve broken those topics into bite-sized videos summarizing each trend.

Trend #1 – Online Grocery Shopping Back from the Dead?

Trend #2 – Things are Changing!

Trend #3 – Why the Drop-off?

Trend #4 – What’s the Future?

Trend #5 – The “New” Normal

Trend #6 – Curbside Pickup Innovations

Trend #7 – Retailers with the Best Experiences

Trend #8 – Delivery Dropping…

Trend #9 – A Mix of Fulfillment Models

Trend #10 – New Online Grocery Methods