Welch Allyn Wall Diagnostic System Redesign

Optimizing the patient exam experience

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Welch Allyn’s wall units needed to be more human-friendly.  

The world’s most successful patient wall diagnostic system—often the first thing patients see while waiting for the doc—showed room for some hefty design improvement. Existing units got the job done but looked and felt clunky and intimidating. Welch Allyn also wanted something with a little more flexibility, to encourage any and all system upgrades coming down the pike.

We make life—and work—easier.

Knowing our knack for user-friendly design, Welch Allyn called upon us to find a remedy, so we took stock of their must-haves and hit the drawing boards.

If it’s not accessible, it’s not exceptional.

Our priority: Dream up a wall fixture that doctors and nurses will find more approachable and easier to use. That means moving some tools around, creating more physical space, and determining through one-on-one usage testing with real medical professionals which layout concepts are the most intuitive.

Keep it clean.

The existing wall fixtures and their cramped configuration make for harder cleaning and maintenance. As cleanliness is critical in any medical facility, we’ll need to crank out something super maneuverable.

Get with the times.

It’s a classic case of analog-to-digital. Welch Allyn needs space to innovate and we’ve got the chops to deliver something future-proof.

Save the world.

We’re not just solving for one little doctor’s office or hospital room; we’re solving for medical facilities across the globe. It’s imperative that we land on a final concept that takes into consideration the standards and practices of every region, far and wide.

A new standard in diagnostic systems.

Welch Allyn launched our sleek, digitally integrated, streamlined flagship wall fixture—but our happy ending didn’t stop there. What followed was the activation of an expanded design program including some truly revolutionary mobile monitoring systems. How’s that for two human-centered companies working together to make a difference?