Walmart + Beam Suntory Adult Beverage Department

getting shoppers in good spirits

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Walmart’s adult beverages needed a refresh. 

While Walmart was expanding standalone liquor box stores in various markets, they wanted help maximizing the sales opportunity of the adult beverage categories within. We helped them better understand shopper insights and barriers in order to define the optimal shopper orchestration and experience to increase sales across the store. 

Distill down what shoppers want.

We spoke with 48 shoppers and visited 46 stores to understand the experience at Walmart and its competitors. Through mobile diaries, group sessions, written exercises, and shopalongs, we learned that shoppers would benefit from a more intuitive organization to conveniently find what they need and discover new products along the way.

“Walmart is closer, but I’ll go out of my way to have a better experience.”

Make it easy to find their drink of choice.

Since consumers generally start with a type of beverage they’re looking for, we organized the department into three intuitive sections: beer, wine, and spirits. We then developed sub-categories and adjacencies within each section to help shoppers find what they're looking for more quickly and reinvest the remaining time discovering additional products to consider.

Show the craft behind the beverage.

Our design exploration showcased the rich heritage and production process behind beer, wine, and spirits. Color palettes and imagery for each category were inspired by the ingredients and techniques used to craft each beverage.

A sense of place and variety to try something new.

We invited the shopper to experience the vast assortment of wines from around the world that Walmart offered, while engaging them in the history and regional differences which define the taste of each variety and location.

Walmart rolling out reinvention across stores.

The prototype store was a success and it performed extremely well. The strategic improvements we recommended represent a huge opportunity for Walmart to increase sales across the store. Walmart is broadly rolling out the new format due to its success in testing.