Intuit TurboTax Packaging

Simplifying tax season

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Software constantly evolves—so should its packaging. 

For over 17 years, we’ve partnered with Intuit to make sure the TurboTax packaging stays fresh each tax season. By conducting consumer research to drive our design work and test our concepts, we help TurboTax remain ahead of the curve.

Color makes picking software simple.

Since tax time happens every year, selecting software is a ritualistic process. Consistent colors for each software edition help people remember which version they used last year so they can easily make the right choice for their financial needs.



Context and consistency matter.

Packaging lives in a variety of environments from countertop and in-line displays to pallet drops for big box retailers. We create the graphics for the in-store merchandisers for the U.S. to ensure that all displays feature consistent branding and convey the same message.

The box acts as a billboard.

While boxes could be replaced by something smaller, the packaging acts as a billboard to remind shoppers that TurboTax software helps simplify tax season. Since hundreds of millions of people pass by these merchandisers, they're as effective as an advertising campaign and far more functional.

Online is relevant, even for in-store shoppers.

While many people still prefer shopping for software in-store, it’s important to communicate online features like the ability to download. It's important that in-store packaging graphics match eCommerce sites to help customers pick their preferred software no matter how they shop.