Tessy Digital Experience and Website Overhaul

creating a winning digital experience

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An accomplished plastics manufacturer was in need of an equally winning brand experience

Tessy is a custom contract manufacturer specializing in plastics processing, complex assembly, precision tooling, and automation design & build – but its end-to-end solutions and problem-solving expertise went well beyond the traditional associations its name communicated, and the traditional visual identity it carried.

Uncovering the opportunity

While working on a lobby experience project for Tessy, we uncovered a big opportunity. What Tessy needed was a brand strategy to identify and represent the core elements of their business--people, technology, quality, and sustainability--and how to bring them to life across physical and digital executions.

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Digital Overhaul

Tessy asked us to use our strategic approach to help them contextualize who they are. Through our process and findings, and with the use of XD, we developed a site map, clickable wireframes and an adaptable modular design to create a sleek, modern desktop and mobile-friendly website. Now, with a fully refreshed website, Tessy reveals a powerful and cohesive demonstration of its dedication to people, technology, innovation, quality, and sustainability – and more importantly, the delivery of end-to-end solutions they have brought to their customers since day one.

Capabilities at the forefront

By way of our web immersion and discovery work, it became very clear that Tessy’s capabilities were not coming to light -- How could the website immediately be clear to prospective clients what Tessy can do for them? By implementing iconography and clear definition of core capabilities, Chase was able to concisely and accurately convey and depict Tessy’s unique combination of capabilities and end-to-end services.

Collage of Tessy facility, employees, and products.

Photography that tells a story

Before we came in to create a digital strategy, the previous website gave no idea of who Tessy was via photography or visuals. We saw a great opportunity to give a true look into who Tessy is and their facilities through story-telling and technical photography. With the incorporation of new, impactful images representing its people, facilities, technology and work in action, we were able to illustrate the story of who Tessy is and what makes them stand out.

“ChaseDesign is a partner who is talented, reliable, and fun to work with! All projects were well organized from the initial kick-off meeting to final execution - the process was seamless.”

Grace Oswald

Marketing Specialist, Tessy

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Delivering a fresh, comprehensive reimagination of Tessy’s web experience

By identifying the core components of the Tessy brand and elevating the capabilities that make them industry leaders, we ultimately leveraged their existing brand to capture their caliber and renown.