Target Home Department

making shoppers feel at home

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The home department needed a makeover.

The home department was at risk of losing its Target magic. Target asked us to help reinvent the experience—one entire side of the store—to bring guests back and engage them in a new way.

Invite Target guests in.

After developing a strategic framework and insights, we created new floor plans. We broke apart the divider wall, creating passageways through the department, and lowered shelving at the edge to increase visibility and invite guests in.

Get people to picture products in their homes.

Our research showed that the ability to experience products as they would exist in the home is important to shoppers. We set up fixtures that highlighted products as they would appear in the home and created moments of engagement.

Inspire home improvement.

It's important to tell stories that engage guests. To highlight key categories, we added focal beacons with inspiring presentations to showcase new items and promote cross-merchandising.

Target Home Main Aisle

We helped Target transform all stores.

In partnership with a cross-functional team at Target, we influenced the reinvention of all stores. We helped Target update the layout, strategy, and look/tone/feel of the entire home department.