Starbucks Signature Aisle

energizing coffee at retail

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Starbucks needed to reinvigorate retail.

While Starbucks revolutionized the coffee shop experience, they needed to figure out how to present their brand in grocery and mass retail. They asked us to help them reinvent the coffee and hot beverage aisle to grow the entire category and become the leading premium coffee brand at home.

Coffee is about connection—not commodity.

We learned that people have an emotional connection to coffee and associate it with meaningful moments in their lives. This presented a huge disconnect from what we saw in the hot beverage aisle where coffee was treated as a commodity. The experience needed to be immersive and create a sense of discovery rather than just a simple transaction.

Coffee Aisle

Elevate the entire aisle.

We re-orchestrated the whole hot beverage aisle to change shopper behavior across the category. This included premium beverages like Starbucks, along with instant, canned, and single-cup coffee, tea, cocoa, filters, and more. This ultimately drove trade-up and baskets for the entire category.

Make the aisle feel like home.

To remind people of enjoying a hot beverage in their kitchen or favorite coffee shop, we added signature design elements like tile and countertops.

Use Starbucks to pull shoppers in.

Since Starbucks already has such strong category equity, placing them in the first position as a signpost draws shoppers into the aisle and elevates leading brands.

2x Category Growth

The aisle grew the entire category and resulted in a disproportionate win for Starbucks.

1,300+ Stores

Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons, Meijer, Ahold Delhaize, and other retailers rolled out the reinvention.