P&G + Meijer Baby Department 

reinventing mom's shopping experience

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The baby department needed to evolve with mom. 

While Meijer has been a leader in baby retail, they needed to consider the post-baby changes to mom’s shopping style. Meijer wanted our help incorporating shopper-based design principles in-store to transform the department into a destination and make moms their customers for life. 

Make it convenient for mom.

Taking a human-centered approach, we recommended improving location, making sightlines obvious, and ensuring aisles were accessible and easy to maneuver. Department adjacencies should be intuitive and signage simple and informative to help mom find what she needs easily.

Create a space that inspires.

The look/tone/feel needed to feel simple and modern while creating a sense of discovery. Mom should be delighted and reminded of the joy of parenthood every time she walks by. And since each infant is unique, integrated education helps mom navigate the department and find what’s best for baby.

Connect in-store and online.

Shopping should be seamless across physical and digital touchpoints, and adjacencies should be the same on the web as they are in the aisle. From baby registries to home deliveries, the shopping experience needs to feel like one cohesive journey in-store and online.

Award-winning reinvention.

The test store was so successful that Meijer began rolling out the new baby department chainwide almost immediately. The department reinvention also earned our client a vendor of the year award at the Meijer Accelerate Summit.