Mars Wrigley Candy Department Reinvention

sweetening the shopping experience

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Candy is sweet, but shopping was a let down.

While candy brings people joy, the shopping experience was overwhelming and left customers bitter. Mars Wrigley asked us to help improve the shopping experience in-store and online to gain leadership in the candy category.

Understand what makes shopping a treat.

We examined the path to purchase for the candy category and collected insights from 7,500 shoppers. We then developed a set of strategic recommendations.

Delight customers everywhere their cravings happen.

We developed activation plans for six different retailers, taking multiple channels into consideration. For example, at Kroger, we reinvented not only the main candy aisle, but seasonal, digital, and front-end to satisfy customers whenever and wherever they get a sweet tooth.

The department reinvention grew sales.

Our reinvention grew Mars Wrigley's candy sales and even helped them outperform their top competitor.