LG Brand Experience

creating a global brand presence

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LG needed to strengthen their brand globally.

Despite LG’s innovative products, shoppers didn’t see them a top choice—and they were losing sales to competitors. We were tasked with helping LG update their brand presentation and develop global guidelines that would ensure consistency across a variety of store configurations and sizes.

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Punch up the presentation.

Through global shopper research and store audits, we learned that the reserved brand presentation at retail created a lack of confidence. It also allowed competitive brands to be visually interruptive and get the attention of shoppers.

Unify shoppers around the world.

To figure out how to appeal to a global audience, we interviewed shoppers and employees in China, Indonesia, Russia, the UK, and the U.S. We learned that there was inconsistent messaging across markets and product types and that we needed to unify the fractured brand.

Flexible for any space, any country, any culture.

We recommended a shopper-based solution that's customizable for mass retailers, store-in-store situations, specialty retailers, and LG-branded stores. We suggested structural changes, fixtures, and in-store information that could be built locally but adapted globally.

1,000% lift

Pilot stores in the UK, China, and Indonesia adopted the brand guidelines, and a store in China saw a 1,000% sales increase.

61 countries

LG continued to roll out the brand guidelines globally. In the first year alone, 61 countries adopted the guidelines.