Coca Cola at Walmart Self-Checkout

inspiring last-minute snacks & drinks

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Impulse buys needed to make a comeback.

In 2018, Walmart expanded their self-checkout area to give shoppers what they wanted, more self-checkout! However, with a lack of organization or though of directionality, shoppers were left unsure of where to start, causing a major decline for Coca-Cola and impulse purchases. So, Walmart tapped Coke, who brought us in to help orchestrate new growth at self-checkout.

Unsure of where to start

After auditing the self-checkout corral, interviewing Walmart team members, and asking shoppers, we unveiled that the focus at self-checkout shifted to "not messing up." Meaning, with a lack of organization or clear direction, shoppers were unsure of where to even begin. By not wanting to "hold up the line," their focus was no long on impulse purchases, but getting in and out.

Creating clear direction past snacks

By creating a clear path and funneling shoppers into the self checkout area, they are then required to walk past or wait in line near impulse items. Providing them the chance to browse snacks before even entering the “get in, get out” mentality of checking out.

Arrange snacks by occasion.

We created thoughtful segmentation based on the type of snack a customer might be craving and added imagery to provide appetite appeal. We also integrated drink coolers to inspire the perfect pairing of snacks and refreshing beverages. By providing clearly identified options, we made it quick and easy to snag a snack or two before even getting to the register.

50 test stores. Positive growth.

After seeing major growth in testing, Walmart rolled the concept out to additional stores and shifted the decline into positive growth.