Coca Cola at Walmart Self-Checkout

inspiring last-minute snacks & drinks

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Impulse buys needed to make a comeback.

Walmart’s self-checkout was in disarray and completely neglected beverage. Lack of organization and poor communication were causing a major decline in sales so Coca Cola asked for our help orchestrating new growth at Walmart self-checkout.

Streamline the self-checkout process.

After auditing the self-checkout corral and interviewing Walmart team members, we found there was a lack of direction and limited discovery. We considered navigation and floor graphics to help establish a clear queue while providing opportunities for exploration.

Arrange snacks by occasion.

We created thoughtful segmentation based on the type of snack a customer might be craving and added imagery to provide appetite appeal. We also integrated drink coolers to inspire the perfect pairing of snacks and refreshing beverages.

Engage shoppers at the final moment.

We discovered that shoppers at self-checkout were mainly looking down to scan their groceries, so we added branded cooler-top graphics to remind them to quench their thirst with a Coke or another beverage.

50 test stores. Positive growth.

After seeing major growth in testing, Walmart rolled the concept out to additional stores.