Coca Cola Safeway Aisle Transformation

helping shoppers celebrate with soft drinks

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Coke needed to lead the way at Safeway.

Coke wanted to grow their brand, and Safeway wanted to grow sales of all carbonated soft drinks. We collaborated with teams at both companies to provide a strategic perspective that would celebrate Coke while growing the entire CSD category.

Encourage shoppers to discover new products.

By designing an endcap that shows a wide range of choices—not just promotions—we helped encourage discovery of different sizes and flavors. The assortment inspired shoppers to trade up to premium products like aluminum cans and other occasion packs or flavor variants—and also put more in their carts.

Make their favorite soft drinks easy to find.

As the most popular soft drink brand, Coke made the perfect signpost. Leading with a Coca Cola endcap helped shoppers discover soft drinks from the main aisle and increased household traffic.

Remind shoppers of upcoming occasions.

Carbonated beverages are the perfect complement to any celebration. We used lifestyle imagery that highlighted special occasions like picnics and parties to help people remember to pick up drinks for upcoming events.

We drove category growth at 250 stores.

The 5-store test successfully increased both category and household growth, so Safeway rolled out the redesign to 250 stores.