Chobani + Meijer Yogurt Aisle Reinvention

Reimagining the yogurt aisle

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The yogurt aisle needed a serious makeover.

When it came to yogurt, shoppers at Meijer were on autopilot, only grabbing the same products every time. That level of category familiarity translated to major boredom—our natural enemy—and put a two-point dent in Chobani’s sales.

We worked our shelf-changing magic.

We knew that in order to deliver a design solution that could make up for lost numbers, we’d have to dive deep into the yogurt category, then cross-reference our findings with the specific needs of Meijer shoppers and zero in on growing Chobani. So that’s what we did, and here’s what we discovered.

Yogurt is a stone-cold classic.

First things first, consumers always come back—especially for tried-and-true, traditional yogurt forms like Greek, Kids’, and Original/Classic.

"I need yogurt now," said no one ever.

Yogurt is not what gets shoppers out of the house and into the store—but it’s still on the list! Consumers are choosing their yogurt in real time in the aisle, so the whole shelf experience must work that much harder.

Every mindset matters.

Hey, we’re all different, and that means no two yogurt shoppers are the same. Some see yogurt as a snack, while others consider it a breakfast food. To keep everyone engaged in the category, all takes on yogurt should be represented at the shelf.

Shoppers crave something new.

Though they’re defaulting to the brands and varieties they already love, shoppers are bored with being bored in the yogurt aisle. They want to try something new, but they just need a little nudge.

Bold, bright, and beautiful.

After synthesizing our key shopper insights with a few different orchestration strategies, we decided that a scrumptious “Explore and Discover” section—complete with disruptive shelf boxes and lights to call out select products and help shoppers find what’s new—was just what our client needed. Our design won the hearts and minds of key stakeholders at Chobani and Meijer, so together we activated it for testing in 10 stores.