Apergy Brand Creation for Dover Corporation

creating a new energy brand

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17 companies needed to unite under one brand. 

Dover Corporation, an industrial products manufacturer, was spinning off three energy divisions and aligning them under a single brand. Dover asked us to develop a new brand name, logo, brand identity, marketing strategy, and guidelinesall in preparation for a public offering on the New York Stock Exchange 

Get 3,000+ people on the same page.

Creating the new brand meant unifying thousands of people who were previously working at different companies, each with a distinct identity. We interviewed leaders and employees from each division to make sure we stayed true to the companies that already existed. 

Pick a name that works globally.

Since the companies operated internationally, we needed to make sure the new brand worked across 37 countries. We came up with 327 naming options, then conducted both linguistic and legal analyses on our 16 favorites. After presenting to stakeholders, we landed on Apergy, a combination of Apex and Energy, and secured the rights globally.

Find the new brand’s edge.

By comprehensively evaluating Apergy’s closest competitors, we identified key points of differentiation and whitespace in which Apergy could thrive. From there, we collaborated with Apergy leadership to codify their vision—Unlocking Energy, Fueling Life—and shared commitments to deliver against it: being relentless advocates for customers, creating technology with impact, and continuously driving to improve.

Explore every application.

We created 70+ pages of brand guidelines, taking everything into consideration to explore how Apergy would come to life. The guidelines included brand strategy, logo treatment and application, signature element use, typography, voice, imagery, brand architecture, and every physical and digital application we could imagine.

Apergy was born—and went public.

The three divisions combined under Apergy to create a billion-dollar company unified in their common strengths and purpose. This rebrand also drove a successful IPO sale of Apergy Corporation (NYSE: APY).