ChaseDesign in Düsseldorf

In March of 2011, designers from ChaseDesign traveled to Düsseldorf, Germany, for the EuroShop Global Retail Trade Fair. Held every three years, EuroShop draws a Who’s Who of international retail. In 2011, more than 106,000 visitors from 90 nations visited with 2,038 exhibitors.

The fair was divided into four segments:

  • EuroConcept included store design, fixturing, architecture and lighting, including the use of light as an emotional design tool, and energy-efficient/sustainable light architecture.
  • EuroSales spanned the full spectrum of product presentation, visual merchandising and point-of-sale marketing.
  • EuroCIS offered the latest IT solutions, focusing on mobile devices operated by staff and on shoppers’ self-scanning and smart phone applications.
  • EuroExpo presented the new and unusual in exhibition construction, design and special events.
  • In a show with more than 2000 exhibitors, there is obviously keen competition to attract and hold the people attending the show. The exhibitors’ solutions were as creative as the products on display, ranging from hovercraft controlled by iPads to indoor soccer, all the way up to fully realized retail environments with restaurants and bars at their center.


One of our attendees, Antoun, has been to many similar shows, but says that EuroShop is THE show if you can only attend one. “Everyone in the world who has something new to offer will be there,” he notes.

Another of our designers, Jason, found the Düsseldorf experience valuable as well. “Seeing how quickly things are evolving, seeing innovations we’re not usually exposed to, being inspired to try new things and push the envelope for our clients… it was really exciting. And the beer was good, too.”

The next EuroShop will be held February 15-19, 2014.