A Treat for the Eyes

As marble was to Michelangelo, so is fondant to Katie Coffey.  A graphic designer at ChaseDesign, Katie expresses herself in three dimensions, and appeals to at least two of the senses, with her personal creations.

“After graduating from college, I missed having a class to go to; I missed learning new things,” Katie recalls. Curiosity, and the modest tuition, attracted her to a class in cake decoration. Katie soon found herself with an icing library and a tool box filled with implements to cut, shape and sculpt fondant – the malleable (and edible) mix of sugar, gelatin and glycerin that is the artistic medium of cake decorators.

Katie soon learned that there are a lot of dessert fans, and they are a very appreciative bunch. Here are some samples of Katie’s work that look almost too good to eat:

Stained-glass cookies

Flower cookies

Fish cake

A single cupcake, with fondant flowers, six hours in the making.

* * *

Art and photography copyright 2013 by Katie Coffey