On Top of the World, Again

In early August, the ChaseDesign Adirondack High Peak Hiking Club scaled the heights once again, and two more members drew to within two peaks of becoming official Adirondack 46ers: Jonathan Fitch who has just Colvin and Blake to go, and Tanner Gjersvig, with only Esther and Whiteface remaining.

The Garden Trailhead is named for a vegetable garden that served as a landmark circa 1915, and is a popular jumping-off point in the Keene Valley.

A cairn at Johns Brook

In the course of one day, Tanner added Haystack, Basin and Saddleback to his list; Peter Quintana scaled Gothics, Armstrong, Upper Wolfjaw and Lower Wolfjaw; Jonathan Fitch climbed Sawteeth, Gothics, Armstrong, Upper Wolfjaw and Lower Wolfjaw.

A view of Mt. Marcy and Panther Gorge

In addition to sweeping vistas, there are small marvels to enjoy: Growing on exposed rock, lichens can survive in the harshest environments, but need unpolluted air to thrive. There are lichens in the Adirondacks that are more than a thousand years old.

Jon Cammarata and Andy Schweitzer have already summited the Adirondacks’ 46 highest peaks, but in reclimbing Haystack – shrouded in clouds on their first ascent – were rewarded with spectacular views.

Andy, Tanner & Jon atop Haystack

After successfully challenging the peaks, the hikers gathered at Johns Brook Lodge to challenge one another at Uno, and enjoy the company of Summit, the dog.

*  *  *

Photos by Jon Cammarata, Jonathan Fitch and Tanner Gjersvig