Street and Nye Mountains

What do you do after you’ve climbed all 46 Adirondack high peaks? You climb them again, in winter. And so, on March 23rd, Jon Cammarata talked several Chase mountaineers into coming along for a walk in the woods, and together they notched two winter peaks – Street and Nye Mountains.

Wearing heavy-duty mountaineering snowshoes, with heel bars and really aggressive crampons, the group left base camp at Heart Lake at 8:30 a.m. on a blessedly perfect day for hiking – a refreshing six degrees Fahrenheit, with little to no wind, and a large amount of sunshine.

Chris Andrews heads into the woods

Jon Fitch hugs the trail

Jon Cammarata headed up a switchback

Tanner Gjersvig and Jim Cammarata nearing a summit

The tops of trees poking out of several feet of snow – a.k.a. “spruce traps” that swallow unlucky hikers. There is no photo proving Tanner fell up to his armpits in just such a trap.

At the top of Street Mountain. L.-R.: Design Manager Chris Andrews, Project Specialist Tanner Gjersvig, Industrial Designer Jonathan Fitch, Senior Industrial Designer Dave Hine, Senior Graphic Designer Jon Cammarata, and Resource Allocation & Planning Coordinator Peter Quintana.

The trail home, with Heart Lake in the distance.

Hey, it's frozen. Dave Hine takes a shortcut across Heart Lake.

And so, exactly seven hours later, after 9.4 miles of snowshoeing, the party returned triumphant. Our thanks for the photos to Chase cousin Jim Cammarata (who came along to take the official group photo), Jon Cammarata, Jonathan Fitch and Tanner Gjersvig.