Stalking the Wild Mushroom

Because mushrooms have life spans measured in days, or even in hours, they are elusive subjects for the photographer. But Bonny Dudden, Senior Graphic Production Specialist, finds them worth the effort. “I like to photograph them because they pop up on the dreariest of damp, dark, rainy days – bright bursts of color and texture that last such a short time at their peak.”

Bonny combines a Nikon 3100 SLR, a macro lens and a willingness to get down on the mushroom’s level to capture the images, most from her hikes in the Adirondacks but others from close to home.

“Our parents gave us cameras as kids. We traveled across the country by camper every year and we took pictures to remember, because we might never see some of those sights again.”

She still has not solved the challenge of scale in her photos. “I think I should start adding a tape measure to some of the photos, because you can not believe how tiny some of these mushrooms are.”

Tiny, delicate and reclusive indeed, but they will hold still for the right photographer.