Snowy Summits

In early March, the ChaseDesign Adirondack High Peaks Hiking Club took to the mountains again, this time summiting snowy Dial and Nippletop Mountains.

Shod with the hiker’s choice of microspikes or snowshoes, the group passed through the Elven Gate to Mirkwood Forest at 5:05 a.m., lighting the way with headlamps.

The signs aren’t short; they’re just struggling to be seen in deep snow.

Frozen springs provided a frequent icy challenge on the mountainsides.

Jon Cammarata rises to the occasion

Jonathan Fitch, King of the Mountain

Tanner Gjersvig, also King of the Mountain

Carol Hatch and Chris Andrews take in the view.

The official summit photo: L. to R., Design Director Carol Hatch, Senior Design Director Chris Andrews, Senior Designer Jonathan Fitch, Senior Model Maker Tanner Gjersvig, Design Director Jon Cammarata, Multimedia Designer Chris May from 10Red, and Dan Delluomo, hanging with the cool hikers. Camera-shy: Carol's husband, Kevin Magde. Photo by Mark Cammarata.

The climbers' reward