Peak Experience

On the grayest, rainiest weekend of June, the ChaseDesign Adirondack High Peaks Hiking Club celebrated a doubly momentous achievement as two members – Andy Schweitzer and Jon Cammarata – became Adirondack 46ers, having summited all 46 of the region’s high peaks.

Going Up

Somewhere beneath this rain-gorged stream is the trail.

A moment of Zen between peaks.

Jon and andy celebrate Andy's 46th summit at Gray Peak; Jon has left Mount Marcy for last.

Another moment of Zen.

Emerging from the forest at the tree line on Mount Marcy, the highest peak in the Adirondack Mountains (5,343 feet). Left to right: Jim Cammarata (Chase cousin), Peter Quintana, Chris Andrews, Andy Schweitzer, Jon Cammarata, Jonathan Fitch.

Left to right (with number of peaks), celebrating with Jon on the summit of Mount Marcy: Jonathan Fitch (28), Chris Andrews (28), Jon Cammarata (46), Andy Schweitzer (46), Peter Quintana (19) and Tanner Gjersvig (26).

* * *

Photos by Jonathan Fitch, Tanner Gjersvig and Jim Cammarata