Into the Mud

On the first weekend in August, ChaseDesign fielded a team for a 10-mile run through bogs, woods, swamps and some seriously sinister obstacles, competing in the Western New York Tough Mudder. Senior designer Jonathan Fitch and strategy director Ben Watkins formed a team of two, while project specialist Tanner Gjersvig ran for both Chase and, with two friends, for Griffin’s Guardians, a charity targeting pediatric cancer.

Jon and Ben, fresh and chipper

Jon makes his way across Funky Monkey 2.0: uphill monkey bars with a trapeze and a hand-over-hand pipe at the end

Tanner on Funky Monkey

Ben scales Skidmarked, a 10-foot wall angled toward Mudders that demands teamwork

Ben makes the leap at the King of the Swingers

And Jon drops in

Still game

Ben carries exhausted comrade

Entering Electroshock Therapy, a dash through a jungle of live wires, Tanner leads his teammates

And points out one of the many underwater obstacles

Jon laughs off 10,000 volts

Muddy but unbowed, the champions of ChaseDesign and Griffin's Guardians savor their triumph

*  *  *
Our thanks to Sarah Watkins, senior project manager and on-the-scene photographer, who chased the Chase team for these images, and to Tough Mudder.