Mountain Goats

On the first Sunday in May, Strategist Margaret Lee and Senior Design Director Andy Schweitzer were among the 2,000+ runners who challenged the hills of the Mountain Goat Run in Syracuse. In its 37th year, the race takes runners from the city's downtown up to some of the highest points in the west and east neighborhoods, requiring 15-story climbs but providing great views.

Precipitation -- somewhere between “mist” and “drizzle” -- kept the runners cool, while bands, drummers and cheering spectators kept everyone positive. A special feature of the race this year was real goats in Thornden Park.

“SO cute! I was about ready to steal one!” Margaret said. “But I had mile 9 and 10 ahead of me and didn’t think I could carry it.”

Andy and sister Tina celebrate at the finish

Margaret and boyfriend Jay rehydrate after the race