Lightnin' Bugs

Sean McNaughton, Senior Strategy Director, has taken a short break from words and numbers to create a new front panel for the Genesee Studio. He writes:

“One of my earlier memories is chasing fireflies in my grandmother’s rural Missouri back yard. (I think she called them “lightnin’ bugs,” but I’m not certain that’s a real memory.) Summer days always felt like a blast furnace to a little boy accustomed to Upstate’s more gentle summers, but the heat would (usually) break in the evening, when there was still light enough to play outside before bedtime.

“I remember chasing (what seemed like, but probably weren’t) swarms of fireflies as they blinked in and out. Every once in a while, I’d manage to cup one in my hands and get it into a Mason jar with twigs & grass, but catching them was never as much fun as chasing them.

“I don’t really remember seeing fireflies at home in the summer, other than a few lone little stars here and there over the years. But one night about a month ago, I went out into our back yard at night and there were more than I’ve seen at one time in decades; it instantly took me back to those Missouri summer nights.”