Improving the Consumer Experience

By taking design a step farther, ChaseDesign  and Energizer brought home two more CES Innovations Awards from the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

• The Energizer® Universal Multi-Port Charger got high marks as “a powerful solution for charging popular portable consumer electronic devices.”

•  The Energizer® 5W Premium USB charger was cited for “a clever cable storage design feature to help eliminate clutter.” 

“With all the USB devices out there, no one had thought about the consumer work flow,” said Scott Osiecki of ChaseDesign. “How do you get the device and the cord to make sense together? Can you shorten the cord in a car, so it doesn’t end up wrapped around the stick shift? We looked at the end-to-end work flow to improve the consumer experience.”

ChaseDesign and Energizer previously won CES Innovation Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2011.