With the Grain

In the hands of Joshua Feocco, a Building and Grounds Maintenance Technician at ChaseDesign, wood becomes art. Josh’s first mentor was Clancy Edmonds, an industrial arts teacher, farmer and carpenter, who gave his students a well-rounded, hands-on education.

The latest creation, in Josh's workroom

Josh’s first project, fittingly, was a carpenter’s tool box. Then he built a shed. That worked, so he took on a home addition. But, large projects aside, fine woodworking is his true calling. He loves the beauty of wood grain, especially maple, and seeing his visions become reality.

Most recently he has completed a bedroom set – with a bed, bedside tables and a dresser (shown above) – and a curio cabinet (below) that promises to rival anything that’s placed inside it.

Two views of the curio cabinet