Go Kart Fury

ChaseDesign recently descended upon the nearby Pole Position Raceway to fulfill the need for speed, the thirst to be first, the inclination to acceleration.

The Pole Position website assured us that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denise Richards, Blue Man Group and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson were already satisfied customers – certainly an implied endorsement that could not be ignored. And so, wearing D.O.T.-approved helmets and strapped into EK20 karts packing 18 electric horses, eager to hug the turns with F1-inspired radials engineered for optimum drift, our courageous co-workers sought the adrenaline rush that comes from high velocity.

Shy and retiring Dana noted, “This was SO much fun – an opportunity to bond with coworkers outside the office, while driving and cackling like a maniac as I tried to pass them!”

Every driver came away with wind-chapped lips, white knuckles and sore forearms, but Jonathan also scored a Bronze Medal and the adoration one garners from “Fastest Lap” honors. However, with typical modesty, he pointed out the real stars were Antoun and Chris who ran wheel to wheel in an “epic battle” in which the thin veneer of civilization peeled off on the first turn, and the final margin of victory was a mere .0040 of a second.

Also earning plaudits was Jason, who organized the outing. Summing up the experience was left to Glenn, who noted, “Wow! I’m glad the track walls are movable.”