Giant Swirl

Inspired by the New York State Fair and a childhood memory of a giant lollipop at Disney World, senior designer Riva Powers has created a colorful evocation of summer for the ChaseDesign front panel. “I’m in favor of extending the summer as long as possible,” she notes, but creating this image wasn’t easy. The first piece of reference, a swirl lollipop, was found at the first store she visited, but to find classic pink cotton candy, vital to the project, she had to scour five more stores before finding the correct hue and shade. In preparing for the photo that would provide the basis for the image, Riva moved the subject matter outdoors to take advantage of the sunlight, which in turn withered the cotton candy at an alarming rate.

In the end, the fleeting image was captured and the final graphic touches were applied to create a colorful, dynamic, nostalgic glimpse of summer. Thank you, Riva.