Biking with the Bears

This week, Chris Andrews, Jon Cammarata, Jonathan Fitch and Tanner Gjersvig challenged the trails of Bear Swamp and emerged triumphant. The evening ride covered 11 miles with 1,100+ feet of elevation gain, and benefited from perfect weather.

Jon Cammarata notes, “It was remarkably dry and there were consequently no major mud holes (contrary to the way the trails USUALLY are). Lots of deer flies were out, but they weren’t biting, thankfully! The temperature was on the cool side, and perfect for this ride. This was Chris Andrews’ first trip to Bear Swamp, and he did excellently. He bunny-hopped over rocks and downed trees, and attacked the high-speed single track downhills with reckless abandon, and suffered no crashes!”

Not to suggest that it’s a bumpy ride, but Jon Cammarata lost three of his four chain bolts before the end of the trail. He is grateful for the last bolt.

The riders finished around 7:30, and adjourned to the Lakehouse Pub for much needed refueling and refreshment.

* * *

No bears were harmed during the course of the adventure. Scenic photos by Tanner Gjersvig; still life with missing bolts by Jon Cammarata.