So Much Beauty

Lauren Rispoli, a Retail Project Specialist, loves to travel and loves to take pictures. In high school and college, she shot with a 35 mm camera and processed her own film in the darkroom. But it was the advent of digital photography that freed her to pack light and take as many pictures as she wanted. In 2011, she returned from a trip to Italy with more than 4,000 images.

Her journeys have also taken her to England, France and Spain, and in all places she is drawn to Europe’s ancient and venerable architecture. “I love the beauty of the buildings,” she notes, “and the way they interact with their surroundings, with nature. They remind you that there are so many beautiful things to see and do in this world.”

Here are a few favorites:

A cityscape of Florence, Italy, with the Duomo, begun in 1296 and structurally completed in 1436


Amalfi, on the Gulf of Salerno

A passageway in San Gimignano

The four horses of St. Mark’s Basilica. Greek or Roman in origin, they appeared in Constantinople as early as the eighth century, were taken by the Venetians in 1204 and added to St. Mark’s in 1254, taken to Paris by Napoleon in 1797 and returned to Venice in 1815.

* * *

All photography copyright 2013 by Lauren Rispoli