Adirondack Peaks, August 2014

This summer, four members of the ChaseDesign Adirondack High Peaks Climbing Club topped Haystack, Basin and Saddleback mountains, earning some stellar vistas in the process.

Peter Quintana, Jim Cammarata, Jonathan Fitch and Chris Andrews on the top of Haystack

Jon on the Ore Bed Brook Trail

Jon, Peter and Jim on the slide portion of the Ore Bed Brook Trail

Chris on the way up “a trail of perfect stepping stones – as if God had placed them just for us.”

Peter accepts the assist of a ladder, so as not to hurt the feelings of those who placed it there.

Approaching the summit of Haystack, with the mountain’s “false summit” in the background

Peter, Chris and Jim go hand-over-hand up a seam of “the Slab” at Saddleback

Saddleback’s Slab seen from the top of Basin

Hiking out on a trail that was more like a garden path, Peter stops to ponder a sudden boulder, which Chris described as “out of nowhere, this magnificent rock.”

* * *

Thanks to Jon Fitch and Chris Andrews for the photographs