Changing Shopper Behavior


Excellence Across Disciplines

  • Shopper Innovation Suite™

    We offer retailers comprehensive services from research to advertising, social media to live events, reaching shoppers in person, on-screen and around the world.

  • Retail Design

    We understand shoppers, and use exceptional design to orchestrate their experiences and change their behavior.

  • Product Design

    We bring ideas to successful reality for consumers and manufacturers, drawing on 50+ years of experience in designing products that solve problems and make a difference.

  • Package Design

    We create unique, distinctive, competitive packaging that engages the shopper, advances the brand and builds sales.


We are innovation-driven, shopper-led, brand-focused, retailer connected.

Our strategic thought and collaborative work process yield visionary results and consistent wins for our clients – leaders in more than 30 product categories, from Fortune 25 companies to emerging innovators.

Our 100+ skilled and spirited employees focus their insights and energy on meaningful work that appears around the world, from top-tier retailers to prestige boutiques, on websites and in smartphones. Based at a unique facility in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, we believe that a stimulating work environment and an active lifestyle lead to great design.

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